From the conception till the completion of each project, the 3 axis " Time - Cost - Quality" are the most important things the firm is dealing with. The equal amount of attention to all three parameters, goes hand in hand with the harmonic balance of the project and the "live well" moto dedicated to the user. Always the designing is followed by the realistic budgeting. And a realistic budgeting can only be done after executive projectation and detailed plans of the project.



Design and projectation of housing complexes, proposal and management of data, fundamentals of parameters. The complete proposal for housing solutions, helps our clients get lead to correct decisions to their investment.




Architectural proposal in order to evaluate and make the best out a building, order of usages and functions. Each of our buildings is unique in design and decoration. It matches the special needs of the client and it is incorporated in the environment perfectly.

Categories of different projects:

1. Hotels

2. Banks

3. Medical Centers

4. Professional buildings and Offices

5. Stores

6. Housing

• Private Villas

• Urban Housing Complex

• Vacation Houses

7. Renovation and restoration of Buildings




Our principal belief, is the completion of a building project with the complete design and editing of the interior spaces, at the same spirit of the exterior design. Quality matters. The reinventation of the interior shell of a building is a challenge of transformation and rebirth of the "fountain of life"

In all cases, the design comes with a realistic budgeting, after having completed both preliminary and executive designing, and detailed plans.




The group works with passion and commitment to design mobile and immobile elements. Furniture, object and space elements are dealt as a whole. Choices and applications are offered in order to give a special character to every project, with uniqueness and quality into the user's environment.




The diverse capacities in art of the different people of the firm, give opportunities of designing and constructing art elements in space. Wall painting, sculptures, painting and other art installations leave their footprint to the user's space.




Our presence during the whole procedure of the project is vital in order to secure the correct execution of the project keeping "time-cost-quality" always in mind, stay loyal to the design and keep punctual the timeplan. Supervision is done with the best way from the creators themselves, with their 30 years of experience.




Complete proposals of building evaluation and exploitation as well as investment proposals in order to secure a healthy and rich project that respects the environment and the user.

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